So you can point it out or stop using them yourself.

We all know having any sort of debate on social media is pointless. But the rise of social media gave a platform for BIPOC to finally share our own experiences and to attempt to control our own narratives. That power is threatening to folks who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Using bad faith techniques, these online trolls will belittle, harass, dismantle, and confuse in order to keep white supremacy front and center both online and off.

Some of the best racial gaslighting come in the form of cutesy emojis, largely because they represent a friendly and…

As if Black women needed MORE foolishness today.

I rarely respond to another Medium article, but my spirit is restless, especially after all the misinformation about Juneteenth I just didn’t have the energy to address.

Short, but sweet, the writer of this article wholeheartedly wants to address the shaming of a woman’s interests, similar to my last article. She just uses an appropriated term to get her point across. One she discovered from TikTok comments from users who were using the term incorrectly. And her comments thanked the writer for the “education” of this “new term.”

I first want to say I understand what the writer meant. Feminism…

At the end of the day, we just gotta Stay Black and Die.

Naomi Osaka decides not to speak to the media citing her mental health and as a result, gets fined a staggering $15,000. Simone Biles, perhaps the greatest athlete of our time, is constantly criticized for knowing her worth. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is dismissed as a social climber who tore her white partner away from his family, the same family protecting his alleged rapist uncle. The Sussexes’ newborn daughter Lilibet is only three days old and will only be Black by colonizer standards and yet there are already people on Twitter being racist about her. Michelle Obama had the…

We’ve all seen the leprechaun.

In March 2006, Mobile, Alabama news channel WPMI-TV ran a holiday-related puff story that sprouted legs and bolted out of the South like some energetic toddler fueled with cornbread and greens.

Unless you are completely new to the Internet, you have probably seen or heard of the Leprechaun from Alabama. It’s from that strange era of the internet that taught an entire generation HTML and community egalitarianism, but also tricked unsuspecting children completing homework assignments to stumble unto instead of Memes were in their infancy and anyone could achieve internet fame from organic reach alone.

Crichton is…

Bravo! I want to keep clapping but it taps out at 50.

Will you continue to fight for Black lives with a Democrat in office?

Biden won. He’s now the president. White people, are y’all done with anti-racism? Yep, some of y’all are. “We” did it. Trump was clearly a racist and the American people said “no more.” Job well done.

Of course, the real story should be that Trump still received more votes than Obama and Trump’s followers are being conned into emptying their pockets by believing Trump is the true winner and he needs financial help to prove he won because of a hundred-fifty-year-old racist narrative surrounding Black voters and Black poll workers. And Trump also attempted a goddamn coup in predictable fashion…

You should have believed them the first time.

Yesterday shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. White rage has been the most destructive global force that keeps this piece of shit of a nation in the festering cesspool that is the so-called American way of life.

White rage results in unfettered capitalism, loss of human life, and worldwide misery. Whenever this country shows a hint of potential to be as great as it says in its founding documents, white rage drags us all back to Puritan times. And when I mean Puritan times, I mean the time white people had to decide whether to starve, kill off the…

This is one of those days.

Sometimes you can do all the planning and preparation in the world and still fuck up. That’s what happened to me today. Plan Z also didn’t work as planned. I was already nervous about getting everything right that I allowed a fixable mistake to snowball into a subpar outcome.

It was a fuck up at a time I shouldn’t and couldn’t fuck up. Why am I even doing this? Why am I here?

I’m mourning the loss hard.

I have to. As a creative professional, so much of my identity is tied to what goes on in my brain. I make mistakes all the time…

The show makes imperialism look good.

Some spoilers, if you can say that about a historical series.

Season 4 of The Crown premiered this week and for a “woke” Black American, I’m way too excited for this season.

I’m a sucker for a good historical drama, especially one that centers around rich white people in elaborate costumes. In contrast to shows like The Tudors and The Borgias, the sovereign protagonist is not some hedonistic megalomaniac, but an emotionless, levelheaded woman. But at the same time, because Elizabeth and Philip are still kicking, I feel more invested in The Crown’s storylines. …

Omaha remains a powder keg.

This article has been revised to reflect the fact Gardner died by suicide in Oregon.

On the week of September 14, Omahans anxiously awaited a grand jury decision which will decide the future of this overgrown prairie town. After a longwinded response from the Black special prosecutor— as well as some online casual racism from so-called white allies — the grand jury returned a 4-count indictment against Jake Gardner: manslaughter, first-degree assault, illegal use of a firearm, and terroristic acts.

It was a shock, but one of those shocks that leaves you disappointed. Manslaughter isn’t legally murder. But it does…

Sharonda Harris-Marshall

is a filmmaker, photographer, and digital media artist living a stereotypical artist life. She could have been a doctor or a scientist, but here we are.

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